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About Us

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About Us

Our goal is to provide our members with a quality fitness experience. We are passionate about health and exercise and pride ourselves on giving our clients the best possible atmosphere and results.

Why Cardinal

  • No Nonsense Membership Packages
    (no start up, hidden, delayed or yearly fees)
  • Inviting and Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Current Equipment and Facilities
  • Great Personal Trainers
  • Clean Environment
  • Capped Membership
  • No Overcrowding
  • You want to use functional training accessories (kettlebells, bands, pylo boxes, stretching machine
  • You want expert advice (training tips, supplemental info and/or nutritional advice)
  • You want to use a helix machine
  • You want to lift heavy weights
  • You want to deadlift
  • You want to do barbell squats
  • You want to barbell bench press
  • You want to use or need access to a personal trainer

Member Reviews

Scroll through the below and read what our members have to say about us. You can also check out our Google reviews. We welcome and appreciate all feedback even if it's negative. Your feedback helps us to continue to improve and create the gym experince everyone will enjoy.

Jennifer Greene

"Definitely the cleanest gym I’ve been into here in Columbus. Tons of equipment that no other gyms have and it’s never crowded. A total hidden gem!"

Kate Stach

"Love this gym. Makes me feel great when I can go into a gym and actually use the machine I need. It's small, clean and friendly. Nothing more I could ask for. Awesome!"

John Drinko

"Clean gym, not expensive, not super busy, not douchey. Plenty of equipment. I work in the fitness industry and this is one of the better gyms I’ve been to, and no I don’t work here."

Michael Dye

"Cardinal Fitness is a great gym! I started going here because my girlfriend wanted a gym that was clean, but I was looking for more of that bodybuilder style gym. That is the best way I can describe Cardinal fitness."

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